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    September 22, 2018 · Craft Beer,PintHub,Fall Beers,Austin,Dallas
    Today is officially the first day of fall and we all know what that means: pumpkin patches, sweater weather, and pumpkin-spice everything. For beer lovers, fall introduces a change in palate, an array of spiced sips that perfectly match the season. To celebrate the season, we at PintHub have...
    September 8, 2018 · PintHub,Craft Beer,Blue Owl Brewing
    Tangy, crisp, and brimming with bold flavors from wild yeasts, sour beers are an interesting, and sometimes intimidating, corner of the craft beer world. Sour beers are traditionally produced through a longer process of barrel aging with wild yeasts and bacteria. The process allows for a unique...
    August 26, 2018 · Craft Beer,Dog Friendly,Day Drinking
    Drinking with friends is great, but drinking with your dog is even better. If you’ve worried about bringing your pups with you when claiming your daily PintHub beer, worry no more. In honor of National Dog Day, we’ve compiled a list of dog-friendly PintHub venues (we narrowed it down since there...
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