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Big Texas Beer Fest

Bags are packed, plane voucher is printed and I am excited. Dallas here I come! Big Texas Beer Festival, here we come! For those that do not know of it, The Big Texas Beer Festival is a huge event where you can sample many of the great craft beers that Texas has to offer as well as brews from around the world. It's a great event whether you're a craft beer enthusiast or a newcomer to the scene.
Walking into the venue I had to pinch myself. Have my eyes had deceived me? Did I die and go to beer heaven? With my stamp card in hand, I was excited to get to try the multitude of craft beers. Just as I took my first step, I heard a load roar accompanied by a wave of raised tasting cups that seemed to gain momentum and ferocity. I asked and was informed that someone had dropped his or her cup. I was instantly transported to grade school - the entire cafeteria looking at me as I leisurely pick up the tray I had dropped. I snapped back and rushed to taste my first craft beer.
I approached Lakewood Brewing Co. and truth be told, I handed them my punch card several times. Twice for the craft beer they call "The Temptress." It's an imperial milk stout that was rich with flavor and a perfect start to The Big Texas Beer Festival. After tasting it, I closed my eyes and imagined that I wasn’t surrounded by thousands of people, but rather alone in dark bar, hiding in the corner with my Temptress. I found myself day dreaming again. I snapped back and headed to see a familiar face.
OHB (Oak Highlands Brewery) has been a favorite of mine for sometime now. I must admit, I have a soft spot for Hefeweizen and Dunkels. It’s the “old reliable, never let you down” for me and the DF Dub is a great Dunkel. For those who have not had the pleasure of tasting a Dunkelweizen, it is a dark wheat style ale with a fruity (banana) character. The type of craft beer that you want to go home to after a long day. The type of craft beer that you raise to the sky and from pure greatness forces a break in the clouds that lets the sun shine down on a rainy Dallas afternoon.
I know what you’re thinking.....typical man going to visit his faithful girlfriend (DF Dub) after spending some time with The Temptress. I have no excuse for why I strayed, but just this once I don’t have any regrets.

Before I knew it, the time had passed and my punch card was filled. My friends and I had one last pint across the street at Craft and Growler before we said goodnight to a great time in Dallas.

Thank You Big Texas Beer Festival,

- Marc Estrada

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