First off, thank you all very much for being a part of PintHub. You bring so much to the local craft breweries, bars, and restaurants that partner with us. We want to take this opportunity to provide you some background on our company as well as announce some changes to the service.

Changes to the PintHub Service

There’s really only one:

Upon the request of your bartender, you may be required to open a tab (typically with a credit card) before you get your first beer.

Otherwise, nothing changes. You can still choose any beer they are offering to PintHub members, and you’ll still drink it “on the house.” There is still no obligation on your part.

Why the change? It actually came from the mind of an owner of one of our top spots in Austin. While it may be a small inconvenience, it’s very helpful for several reasons:

First, opening a tab allows our partnering venues to track how well PintHub is performing for them. When these local business can see the data proving how effective PintHub is for them, they stay on PintHub for the long-term and they also tell their fellow brewers and bar owners about PintHub. It’s much easier for us to on board new breweries, bars, and restaurants for our members when PintHub comes recommended by a friend.

Second, an open tab on a credit card makes it so much easier for you to tip our friends behind the bar. While you are currently able to tip via the PintHub app, it is a laborious task for our partners to divvy up tips. We’ve heard from them that this change would be beneficial because it leverages the systems they currently have in place. The easier it is for our members to directly tip their servers, the more tipping there will be, and the more we can reward those who do so much for our industry.

Finally, at the end of the day, an open tab makes it easier for our members to support these local businesses. Order an additional round when it makes sense. Try some food. And you’ll look great in that trucker hat! PintHub is proud to play a role in helping the industry thrive.

PintHub Background and Business Model

PintHub is a startup company based in Austin, Texas formed by five friends and classmates. We launched the PintHub service in DFW in the summer of 2017 and in Austin in the summer of 2018. Our goal is to get beer fans trying great craft beer at great local businesses in the craft beer industry.

At some of our recent events, members have asked us about our business model. Basically, how do our members get 30 beers for just $9.99/month? Pints cost $6, so that’s too good to be true, right?

Well it’s not too good to be true because PintHub is an extremely effective way for breweries, bars, and restaurants to get and stay on the radar of local beer drinkers. These places are happy to pour you a beer “on the house” because the cost of a pour is a very small cost when compared to what they get: people enjoying their beer at their venue and the ability to maintain connections with their customers. That’s a big part of what powers these local businesses, and the bottom line is that you’re worth it!

Thanks again for being a part of PintHub, and certainly feel free to email us at info@pinthub.com if you have questions. We’d love to hear from you.

– The PintHub Team

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